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Admin Announcements
Members And Prospective Members Please Read Announcements
by PaulH
General Chat
Feel free to chat about anything in this forum!
191 49 Glad to be back
by chucky
Thought of the Day!
If you have inspiration or a useful thought of the day share it here! Nothing rude please this is to inspire and to make people aspire to grow and achieve!
5 2 some things to ponder
by Wishing
New and exsisting members please when you have a moment introduce yourselves to the group and let us know if you have any special skills that will be of help to other members development!
253 84 Hello
by samantha
Main Site Developments
Information on clairvoyancy.net developments
10 6 Main site recent changed Marc...
by PaulH
News, Movies, Games and Fun
General chat on movies, games, funny stuff, news
36 6 The Fourth Kind
by peanut
Tell Us About Your Birthday
Let us know when your birthday is and we can join in wishing you a happy day!
68 3 Birthday Wishes
by whyme
Workshops and Courses
Here is where you can find out about joining Paul on courses and workshops!
12 9 Trance Course at Hafan Y Coed
by PaulH
General Paranormal Forum
A place to explore all aspects of the paranormal!
66 31 Ghost in pub in Britain.
by samantha
Paranormal Equipment
discuss the latest paranormal equipment and the best ways of using it to get results!
48 6 list of Paranormal Equipment
by CazH
Paranormal Photos
Place your photos here for discussion and debate.
10 2 Paranormal photos
by Wishing
Personal Paranormal Experiences
Tell Us in this forum about your very own Paranormal experiences
96 28 purple lightning in middle of...
by chez780
Orb Phenomena
Much is said about orbs well here is our orb focus board share your theories, thoughts etc.
52 11 orb by my son explanation ple...
by Wishing
For the discussion of Electronic Voice Phenomena!
27 7 EVP
by peanut
Haunted Locations in the UK
A place to share information on haunted locations throughout the UK
54 28 Marsden Grotto
by Wishing
White Noise
Learn about white noise communication experiments!
18 1 White Noise
by Raymond
Haunted Locations From Around The World
You may place here haunted locations from ouside the UK! So European, USA, Asia, Africa, South America
32 6 Photos
by CazH
Ghostly Problems
A Place to discuss problem ghosts and hauntings. How to get help and advice!
by phimanh
share your UFO stories and experiences
16 10 Bill Clinton says he looked b...
by samantha
Vortexes and Portals
Please discuss any theories, thoughts and experiences on Vortexes and Portals
17 4 Vortexes and Portals
by Vladtheinhaler
Crop Circles
Please discuss all things about crop circles!
4 1 Crop Circles
by PaulH
Ancient Civilizations
From Mystical Alantians to all other major and minor civilizations. Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Visigoths, Celts, Gauls, Romans, Saxon and Normans, discuss anything strange and special about them!
4 2 giza zodiac
by grantsmill
Discuss your views, thoughts and experiences of such things like the loch ness monster, big foot, and other strange and mythical creatures of the air, sea or land! Including the Loch Ness Monster, Mermaids, Unicorns, Vampires, Werewolves, Yeti ,ETC.
26 5 Loch ness
by meryem
Weekend Workshops (NEW)
Information on weekend workshops!
3 3 The Three T's Week
by PaulH
Paranormal Events
You can promote your special Paranormal Events here!
5 3 When?
by CazH
Discuss and share your experiences of using psychometry (the building block for your mediumship)!
32 4 Psychometry
by Wishing
Remote Viewing
A message board for the discussion of all remote veiwing topics!
22 6 Next Far Sighting Experiement...
by Admin
Disucss every thing to do with dowsing using rods and pendulumns
14 3 My dowsing experience...
by StarLightStarBright
Psychic Development
Ask your questions about your own development, share your knowledge and lets help one another grow!
53 10 How to develop a Psychic gift...
by likil
share and learn about how to undertake readings and more!
23 3 Tarot by chrissy
by SpiritualGuidance
The paranormal quiz
14 4 Congratulations Butterfly!!!
by PaulH
Paranormal Publications
A Listing of Publications for the Paranormal and spiritual communities
8 3 Paul's Forth Coming Paranorma...
by PaulH
Spiritual Poetry
Leave your own spiritual poems here for others to read and be inspired!
16 10 La la la lalaaa
by Libby
Precognition Dreams
Share with us your experiences of dreams and precognition on this board
17 3 weird dreams
by shanti
For the discussion of channeling information from spirit guides
11 2 Telling the difference betwee...
by feusurlaneige
Spirit Guides and Angels
Share and learn about spirit guides, spirit helpers and Angels
56 8 how many guides do u have?
by KaiyaKakeru
Astral Travel And Out Of Body Experiences
Please use this board to share your out of body and astral travelling experiences!
13 4 OBE Harassment
by mrhim
A Forum To Discuss Reincarnation
13 4 New soul?
by Kieoma
A forum to discuss karma and what it means
11 4 Answer for the phenomena of S...
by phimanh
     Wiccan and Natural Magic
Please feel free to discuss any wiccan related topics in this forum
4 2 The lost Book of Aquarius Rel...
by kelly91
Sprites and Natural Earth Spirits
For the discussion of sprites, devas and natural earth spirits
12 2 What is the difference?
by PaulH
Chat Room
The Clairvoyancy.Net Chat Room
13 8 Changes to chatroom 29th Mar...
by PaulH
Distant Healing Requests
We offer a free distant healing service simply post a request
37 10 Distance Healing Request
Complementary Therapies
For the discussion of complementary therapies
2 2 Back Flower Remedies
by Admin
Usui Reiki (Japanese Natural Healing)
This is a forum for all Reiki people to share and learn in
40 8 is it wise
by Larabeth
Reiki Masters Forum
this place is only for Reiki Masters
- - Password required
     SPACE (the last frontier)
All Things Space
Bent Space, Black Holes, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Super Novas, Space Travel, The Solar System, Sun Spots,
4 4 New Study Suggests that Life ...
by samantha
A selection of links to other sites!
17 17 03-03-2012 ~ The Third Initia...
by EstaLior
Site Helpers
Please lets keep working together
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