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How to develop a Psychic gift? Saxon 2,908 21
by likil
Being a complete scardeycat! JoeyJo 1,248 5
by nanna22
Was this clairvoyancy or clairaudiency??? feusurlaneige 916 2
by Wishing
Newbie,,,Is it possible to 'hone' a skill ctv123 1,619 3
by chrissy
seeing a future event shanti 824 1
by chrissy
clairaudient or schizophrenic?? Leitia 1,594 4
by chrissy
Crawly feeling on head feusurlaneige 1,656 1
by Wein
Circles feusurlaneige 947 3
by Crazy_Healer_Lady
Closing down Judally 1,132 2
by Judally
Clairvoyance & other meanings 1,108 1
by NuovoVesuvio
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