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All metaphysical phenomena (all) are characteristics, traits, abilities or experiences of our spiritual nature, emanating from our souls.


The reasons we are so confused by the variety of metaphysical/spiritual phenomena is because religions, primarily Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church, banned most of our important spiritual abilities and traits as "heretical,’ “demonic,” or “no longer occurring.”

I've just completed a trilogy of books jointly entitled Awakening The Soul explaining the history behind this suppression, and providing a channeled method to overcome it. These books
posit four things:

1. All "metaphysical phenomena" (also described as paranormal phenomena, psi, psychic event, parapsychology, etc.) is actually our spiritual nature at work.

2. Religions suppressed awareness of our spiritual nature by making almost everything metaphysical off-limits, sinful or evil, and intimidated science into not investigating metaphysical phenomena (our spiritual nature) under the penalty of death

3. This led to our current confusion and ignorance about our spiritual nature, with most of us thinking it is something outside ourselves, while in truth it is really our internal spiritual nature in action.

4. I provide remarkable spiritual tools to restore that spiritual nature, in Christian terms.


Book One: Proof of Our Spiritual Nature presents more than 80 differing examples of our metaphysical/spiritual nature, and explains 10 of them in depth.


Book 2: Our Suppressed Spiritual Nature reveals why we lost awareness of our spiritual nature, primarily through religious suppression for the last 2000 years.


Book 3:  Restoring Your Spiritual Nature is a primarily channeled text providing  exercises to restore our spiritual nature.  It includes startling directions on how to reprogram the ego, and assign the Soul to be in charge of all our daily activities.  It has been called “The key to the 12th Step” of AA and other addiction programs because it provides the necessary spiritual awakening.


Awakening The Soul: The Trilogy is now available, containing all three volumes in one 725-page reduced price text, with hundreds of new facts and enhancements.


Soul Theft: How Religions Seized Control of Humanity’s Spiritual Nature,  a mainstream version of ATS: Book 2 is now also available.


A great deal of additional information can be found at:    awakeningthesoul.info


Questions are welcome!


All the books, and reduced-price E-books are available through the publisher,
 ( authorhouse.com ) which also provides the best (quickest) overall service.

Also available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.,





Bill Missett (Soulman)

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5-star Review from Science of Mind magazine, April 2009:


Awakening The Soul: The Trilogy

Bill Missett

Paperback $20.90



In the extensively researched and deeply documented Awakening The Soul, former newspaper editor Bill Missett exposes centuries of church control over spiritual consciousness and presents a process to restore awareness of one’s spiritual nature.


Missett’s 25-year career in journalism instilled in him a skepticism of metaphysics and the paranormal.  Then he nearly drowned.  In that brush with death, he experienced a spontaneous case of two-way mental telepathy, an event startling enough to cause him to suspend his cynicism and begin a serious study of metaphysics and mystical experiences.


The results of this study, which led him to believe that so-called “mysterious phenomena” are actually latent abilities of the soul, are presented in this comprehensively footnoted trilogy.


Awakening The Soul details the systematic selection process and accompanying censorship of sacred texts that comprise what we know today as the Bible and presents a scholarly platform from which to reasonably question any fallibility.


He demonstrates that the suppressed texts were those that declare the inherent divine nature of each individual. Missett documents the process by which the church over the centuries cemented its position, claiming its adherents must seek an intermediary to access the divine.


Finally, Missett says that an empowered exploration of consciousness, reawakening one’s innate spiritual talents. will enrich daily living and support the positive evolution of the human race.


The book offers a lovely process designed to balance the overworked ego with the emerging sacred nature of one’s soul.


Readers who have found their way to New Thought through the pain of organized religion will find support and validation in this book.  Those with an interest in church history will enjoy a comprehensive, authenticated account of the Christian religion and domination.


Those who wish to acknowledge and re-awaken their innate spiritual nature may begin this precious encounter with joy and satisfaction.



 -- Donna Mosher

     (Donna Mosher is editor in chief of Science of Mind magazine)





Brilliant work! A must for every Seeker of Truth, 31 Dec 2008


Mr. RL Van Den Berg "lenv" (London UK) - See all my reviews



I have arrived at a spiritual place of understanding that took me away from my 30 year Mainstream Christian Path. Not because someone influenced me, but because I was guided by an inner voice to do 2 yrs ago. I did not know why at the time, but since I left my church I discovered the true nature of Mainstream Christianity and its deceptions.

The research done by Bill Missett in this book explained many of my suspicions. Here we have documented facts proving the bloodthirsty history of this institution which calls itself the Church. Christianity of today is vastly different to the Christianity Jesus left behind. I am on a quest to return to follow the footsteps of Jesus.

This book shows us how the church since 325AD eradicated the true message of the teachings of Jesus and replaced it with a set of deceptions, created to keep humanity in a spiritual wilderness. We have been in this wilderness for more than 17 centuries now and its time for us now to cross over that Jordan and take up our Divine Inheritance.

In order to do so we need to shed our wineskins and mindsets. We need to realize that not everything taught from a church pulpit is Truth. Then we need to return to seek out the true nature of the Divine within us, as the Gospel of Luke says: "The Kingdom is within".

Here are some really good eye-openers. Here are some really good guidelines to assist us in returning to our Divine Inheritance. We can return to our True spiritual nature. The seekers of the Kingdom will seek and find it, despite churches and Jezebellic institutions.

I hope that we all discover the Truths in this book and leave a life of wandering in the desert behind us.






Bill Missett (Soulman)
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