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These are the pictures of St.Bernadette who died 122 years ago in

Lourdes, France and was buried, her body was only discovered 30 years ago after the church officials decided to examine her body. Her body is still fresh until today and if you ever go to Lourdes , France you can see her body in the church in Lourdes. Her body does not decay because during her lifetime, the mother of Jesus would always appear to her and give messages and advice to all mankind on the right way to live on this earth.


Many miracles have taken place in this place of Lourdes and still do until today.These pictures show her body after 122 years.


Ms Bernadette ‘s body died 122 years ago but still fresh as she are sleeping. Why does a dead body without destroying of bacteria but are fresh as she slept?

Her body was preserved in the church at Lourdes in France. This is a concrete evidence that no one explained whether scientists can not explain. So what was a divine hand to help her body has not been decayed?


Want to know this, let ‘s read the story of Bernadette's life, then it was clear. There were not any hands but her only the aggregate of perception* was to preserve the body during 122 years. It is the aggregate of perception of each human, made the miracle that nobody expected. If someone knows how to practice making the agregate of perfection in operation, there won’t be incident happenned which are called spiritual mystery or strange phenomena in this life.


Here are some answers of Master Thich Thong Lac about above phenomena


1 - When a man died, his body has been still so fresh. What method that person had  practiced ?
            Answer: When a man died, but his body has been still so fresh because that person had practiced a perception's method. Here Ms. Bernadette had absolute faith in God, her perception had worked, not by practice.

 The perception of Ms. Bernadette was 18 times in operation, so her perception is very easy to use as she wanted it would work. Reading the posts we see very clearly as the fire burned in her hand but nothing happenned. The Mother of Jesus appeared several times she had seen by her perception.

 Those who want to practice the perception, just use a perception of the breath away from a head to foot and then went round to the back, then run along the spine back to the head. That circle is called the wheel of law. That was the practice the perception of breathing.

 When inhibitting a consciousness by not allowing any thought arises as Zen said knowing thought immediately let it go of expectations, koan, which is the practice of the perception NO, so who practices this perception will enter into the sphere of the infinitude of space. When people enter into this state before death, the body looks like fresh and do not break up the stench.

 2 - The Christian does not practice meditation, so why they can leave the body like this? How had her aggregate of perception operated? By a full faith in God ?
          Answer: Perception of St. Bernadette had operated  by the faith in God. Thanks to her perception, her body has been not active decayed.

          3 – Had her aggregate of perception operated so her body has been not damaged ?
          A. Yes, it had.

          4 - Those who have a same body like that has been reborn yet? or can be re-born?
          A: The re-birth is not relate to the dead body. When a person who has stopped breathing, his or her karma correspond to and was reborn to different person then. Ms.Bernadette ‘s karma had been reborn as another person, but her body has not decayed due to her aggregates of perception in her body works to protect her body look likes she has been sleeping, a 122-year long sleep and would continue forever if her aggregates of perception in operation.

The Aggregate of perception of human is a mystery and is a strange phenomena that every person always has. The differencce are who has the aggregate of perception in operation and who does not has.  That is why people consider that is a mystery or strange phenomena.

          5 - There are some strange phenomenons that many people had visited Ms Bernadette, after that their sickness were cured? How to explain it?
          A. Talking about the aggregate of perception, cure sickness is easy job, just only two aggregates of perception together corresponded in the same magnetic field, then the sickness of a patient will gradually be cured. So there were some patients who had visitted Ms Bernadette’s body coming home and become healthy, but some have not. That was the patient ‘s aggregate of perception corresponded to Ms Bernadette ‘s aggregate of perception which has been protecting her body.

          6 - Is there a way to make that fresh body be degraded? Or leave it decaying over time?
          A: Just enter into the
sphere of the infinitude of consciousness will encounter her perception and help her perception stop working, then the body will immediately degrade. If her perception in operation, her body has never degraded.


(*) The aggregate of perception: When one does not sleep, the consciousness is working, but when one sleeps the consciousness does not work, then an aggregate of perception works, therefore that one has dream.

All psychics can wake up their aggregate of perception to do all psychical, miracle or strange phenomena.

The aggregate of perception makes one’s eyes see God, Mother of Jesus, Buddha, holly light, relative, whoever or whatever that one expect to see or scare of such as ghost. Those images are made by the aggregate of perception (human brain). Actually, the real God, ghost, Buddha, relative does not exist. The aggregate of perception can convert all human desires, scares, expectations, wishes into any image, sound, smell, taste, knownledge and that person feel like to see a real image by one’s eyes, listen a real sound by one’s ear, smell a real smell by one’s nose, taste a real taste by one’s tongue, understand something such as koan in Zen...

All human were tricked by their brain, but nobody know about it. All human think that there are metaphysical world, life after death, God, Ghost,…  They never think about their brain have been able to trick them to create everything that people like, wish, desire, expect, scare,…

If the science could understand how the aggregate of perception in each person works, the science can find an answer for all metaphysical world, invisible world, life after death, ghost, psychical, miracle, strange phenomena which have happenned from far away to now.

Briefly speaking, all those phenomena have created by the aggregate of perception in each person.

(All the phenomena of mystical, spiritual, magical, strange metaphysical from human power, psychic, spiritual, etc. .. that science has not proved are explained in a book ‘LINH HON KHONG CO’ at this website http://www.chonlac.org/pivot/entry.php?id=172&w=nhung_bo_sach_day)




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