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Hi All,


Wondered if anyone can convince me to stop being so scared about my psychic development....


I feel that I am in touch with my spirituality and am 100% sure that I have a gift but I am too scared to explore it.

I often know when a spirit is close by and I often hear things and get certain messages and feelings, but I get to a point where I know contact has began and then I really, really scare myself. I block out all thoughts and make it stop.


Usually, I am not a weak person and love to do challenging things (I have even dived 40 metres down to the bottom of the Sound of Mull!) but...for some reason, I really can't get my head around the thought of being in real contact with a spirit.


I have tried meditation and relaxation but....I'm just a complete woose!!


What is it I am so frightened of?? I'm just not sure....


Has anyone ever felt like this, or is it just a personal thing I must get over by myself??

Maybe someone could explain a process for me to follow to get over this


Things have happened to me recently that have made me decide to follow my instincts and go with it, but my fear is one great barrier I need to seriously get over!


Jo x





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Hello my ickle friend.....


I have to admit.....I have a similar problem....


Mine stems from seeing something as a child.....but i get so far with it and then I get scared.....and back off.....I think I tell myself even more that I need proof etc. but the truth probably is more that I'm scared...of the unknown...


So you're not alone hun.....xxx




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I tried again last night!

Sat by myself for a couple of hours and tried to really relax.....and panicked again!!

I keep getting a really bad feeling.....it is really strange.

I was never as frigtened in our old house....Maybe it has something to do with a presence in our new place? Or maybe it's because I have tried to take things further and just freaked myself out more!!


Doh!! I need to sort myself out really don't I!!


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It's ok hun you're not alone.....I panic when someone is with me and have only tried once or twice on my own and I get a sudden feeling of someone watching me and scare myself......


It's quite normal......Paul??  What would you suggest to help us both?




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Hiya Caz

Lot's of people feel uneasy when they first start feeling spirit as although in many native communities is quite a natural thing, in our society its seen as being odd still by many and you have many years of social conditioning to get over!

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Hi Jo,
Until i was told by a medium that i had gifts to help others with mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, clearing of lower astral spirits in houses and sending earth bound spirits to the spirit world and to their loved ones i didnt understand what i was expereincing after i had lost my son at 19 to a motor bike accident in 1988.
We are spirit and physical we come from spirit and are born into the physical world for our own purpose here, it that is use gifts we were born with then spirit and our guides will show us the way and how to use them.
There is nothing to fear helping others can be a blessing and a curse at times never the less we are chosen by God, and we choose to follow that path before we are born into this earth plane.
We will have the necessary lessons and experiences that will give us the wisdom and learning we need to take into the future and for our spiritual and physical growth and for the growth of our soul.

Your spiritual guides are your best friends, they do not judge us in any way and they do not interfere with our free will and choice or that of others, they love us unconditionally and they help us as much as they can and if we allow them too.

We have always been connected to spirit as we were born from spirit and we go back to spirit when we leave this earth plane so although it may be a bit of a shock at first when we are new at this and start hearing things being said to us that happen, or see things that happen its a bit hard to take in all at once and scary for some who dont understand the spirit world and spiritual work and our purpose here that some of us have to help those in need.

Your guides help you and guide you all the way, they progress us when they know we are ready to move on to a higher level of learning and they place the right people in our paths to help us as they do with any experiences we are meant to have that leads the way to a better understanding of how our gifts should be used and how they help others and we then begin to see our true purpose here as well as our physical existance which is for some family and working life and everyday things that happen in our lives.

We should always feel safe with spirit there is so much love with us and around us helping us to fulfill our work here as spiritual helpers to others, they are always with us, they know when to take a step back when we are going through any physical emotions or difficulties, and allow us to work through these times in our own way until we are ready to get back into our spiritual side, they respect we have many challenges and tribulations to face here on this earth plane, they have been here themselves so they know all about the physical world both negative and positive.
They are always there to help us i am very blessed with the guides i have and my son as my spiritual helper in spirit he is with me when i do readings for others and helps me with anything i need so i have his love and presence around me that i feel very strongly and i give thanks for that.

So do not fear anything with spirit you are being looked after in  many ways and there is alot of love around us all the time reasurring us and giving us the help and understanding we need at any time.
Your guides work from the higher astral and mental planes of the universe, those planes are of the highest of Gods Love, protection, compassion, healing, guidance, strength, wisdom and light.
Hope that has helped .
Godbless Nanna. xxx
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