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HI everyone, hope this works.


First of all I would like to give you some info on the place where these EVP were taken.


It is Quarantinen Station, Manly, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.It was first established in 1828 to quarantine immigrants arriving in the colony of Sydney town.If disease was on board, the ship would fly a special flag and moor in the cove, transferring sick and dead people to the station. Many people are buried over 3 burial sites and often whole families died including lots of children.


I have numerous investigations here and can guarantee you that the place is very very haunted by many spirits including children. My first clairsentient experience was at this place and involved a mother spirit who was grieving from the loss of 2 children who died a the same time. Very sad. I have seen and felt many things here.


These EVP were taken on a Sony digital audio recorder with stereo mic placed on the floor in front of me. I prefer to talk directly to spirit and allow them the opportunity interact. I speak to them as I would speak to you. Usually we have just one person talking at a time and if anyone else speaks or makes a noise, then we identify ourselves. We like to sit in silence in the dark.We ask questions and allow spirit time to answer if they will. In this case there were  7 of us seated in a circle cross legged on a wooden floor in a building called Third Class Dining room. The building is empty. 2 of those seated were male.


I am clairsentient so felt spirit immediately downstairs of this building. The left side of my head gets a sensation. I told the others and a EMF meter went off when bought near me. That spirit, I believe then followed us upstairs where we sat on the floor. I could feel a presence close and just behind me. Sort of looking over my right shoulder lol! Just prior to these EVP we could hear noises I deemed to be paranormal close to us.I explained to spirit present about the recorder and how we could hear them if they wanted us to.




A girl asks"Have you been here long?" Pause and then spirit answers in a whisper "No". I dont know why spirit said no. I would say he had been there a while lol! We did not hear him say this with our ears. Straight after he says this, I felt a gentle tug on the back of my hair. I feel that he was letting me know he was right where I knew he was. I didnt feel anything negative from this spirit at all.


Click here to watch



EVP 2.


I mentioned how sad it must have been to come all the way they did to start a fresh life with family and then to lose them to disease. Another girl said " It was separation, separation from loved ones at the hospital" and then there is a pause and you can hear the same spirit say " Emmett".

Now I didnt know what this word was for a long time. I could hear Emmett but didnt realise this was a name. I had heard of it as a surname but it just didnt click with me. Then I realised that spirit was saying he was separated from "Emmett". This name is an irish name and I think he was talking about a wife, girlfriend or even son or daughter as this name can be spelt differently and be male and female.


Click here to watch


 HMMM... sorry but this doesnt seem to work. I dont know how to do this. I thought I could link these evp.


Paul can you help me out here please?

 Admin edited as requested I think I havesorted it for you



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Thanks for that Paul.Did I do something wrong when I posted the link???


I dont know if you will have to do the same thing to these evp as well. Sorry about that.


I have 2 more here taken last weekend of the 15th July. I was maitland Gaol in the Hunter Valley of NSW. I felt a spirit near me a few times on the night. The places where these evp were taken, I did feel spirit there.


In this evp I felt spirit presence. I felt the physical feeling on the left side of my head and also felt a spirit coldness. There were 2 other girls there and a third about 2 metres away and then 2 men quite a distance away and out of hearing. You can hear me say "Has anyone noticed it's got a bit colder?" and you can hear spirit in the background whisper " COLDER, IT HAS "

Next I say "can you feel that?" and the two girls agree "mmm" and then the other girl walks over to us (you can hear her footsteps) and I say"all of a sudden its got real cold here. I can feel it" and the girl agrees with "mmm" as well. The men were nowhere near us.


This spirit is a male and he does whisper in a typical etheral voice " COLDER. IT IS"


Click here to watch



This evp was taken in a different area. Again I had the sensation I get. You will hear footsteps around and I say "Thats footsteps walking towards us, there's a human". I say this for the recording. If you keep listening you will hear a pause some background noise and then "HUMAN" It is like spirit repeats what I said. Human is whispered when the recording goes quiet. It goes quiet because it has voice up on and that is what causes the hissing when there is quiet and when there is noise it goes quiet. I was with 2 other girls and I know they did not repeat the word Human.I was holding the recorder in my hand as I was saying this and then I placed it on the table. I think the knock you hear just before spirit says "Human" was me placing it on the table. Not sure. I do know that noone said anything but me and I did not repeat the word 'human' I was standing still when I got this.


Click here to watch


I use a good Sony digital recorder with voice up and stereo mic.A lot dont like to use digital anything including cameras but I have no problem with them. I believe if spirit want to interact they will.


This last one is just a little snippet of the type of noises that we were getting as a response from spirit. We were on the 2nd floor  of  a cell block. The cells are on the outside of the rectangle with narrow walkways in front and then the cente is wire mesh for observation. The door to the main block was closed. We were in darkness and I was talking with spirit there. There seemed to be responses when talking to the spirit there by way of quite loud noises like bangs etc. This noise comes from downstairs from a cell and there was noone in the cell. There was only us on the second floor. There was no wind. It was definitely a paranormal noise. When I would ask for spirit to talk they

make a noise. This particular noise on this recording was from the a cell below where earlier in the night someone felt they were pushed.


Click here to watch







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