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Hi all, just thought i'd share with you what happened to me the other night when i woke up to go for a pee,  lol, i have a picture facing my bed of a beautiful glitter tiger that my daughter made, and when i sat up in bed, for a split second, i saw the face of a man, like superimposed over the tiger, it was like the tiger moved back and the man came forward and then he dissapeared, now normally i would be freaked out by something like this, but i went to the loo and just got back in bed and went to sleep, lol, then about an hour later up again for another pee,  and whoa! there he was again in the picture but he dissapeared as soon as i saw him again, so off i went to the loo and again just went back to sleep, so i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows what it may mean. i always used to say that it must be cool to be a medium ,but that i would be freaked out if someone appeared at the end of my bed as i would just die of fright, yet strangely i wasn't a bit scared of this . any ideas why this happens.

love and light
x shanti x

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Hi Shanti, I have taken photos of photos on the walls and received images of faces on the pictures. It's happened lots to me. I have pictures of some.
xox peanut

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