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I dont think that I have actually introduced myself on here and I do post stuff so I guess I should.

I am a nurse,married with 3 sons.I love playing sport, gardening, reading and am a member of the Paranormal Australia team.

I have no gifts that I know of but have over the years had little premonitions since I was 13 but not much of that stuff since I have got older.

I do go on many investigations and have no problem interacting with spirit on a basic level. We can talk to some spirit by a tapping code and  am fully aware when I am being touched by spirit or when they are near or even when they blow on your face which they have done before. I take photos of them and often have an intuitive feeling of where to point the camera. We use a scientific approach with all equipment but also a spiritual approach. My photos also capture family spirits at times.I find it harder to sense crossed over spirits but maybe this will come in time if I don't die before that he he!

I sometimes worry that I may feel sorry for all earthbound spirit and be taken advantage of. I am frightened I may be deceived.

I did once have an empathic experience at Quarantine Station.

I have learnt a lot since my investigations. I use to be very scared of dying but not now. I only worry that I don't end up like some of the spirit I have interacted with. That would be the worse thing. Like a dream you can never wake up from.

Anyway its nice to meet you.Please read some of my posts on my investigations. I can speak more freely on here than some ghost sites as there are many people who have a scientific approach but are not spiritually minded as well. I would not like to be ridiculed about my experiences.I know what I see and hear and so do my other members but how do you prove or explain some things?


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I have been reading your postings with interest you make many good points!  I look forward very much to reading your future postings thanks for sharing so much with us!






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