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Hi All,


My friend came round to visit this weekend and was slightly disturbed with the goings on in her bedroom at night, and very very tired!

She is pregnant and has had hardly any sleep since she concieved!

Although she has experienced paranormal happenings in the past, since conceiving the problem seems to have worsened, and she is quite frightened by the experience.

She is woken every night at 2am, by noises and carry on in her bedroom, which then keeps her awake all night. She is seeing "greeny" coloured ghosts, which she cannot identify. There also seems to be lots of green orbs flying around her room.

She was awake in bed the other night playing with her new mobile phone (as she could not get back to sleep) and seems to have caught one of the bright green orbs on video. Although she did not see the orb whilst she was filming, she said this is exactly what she is seeing most nights above her bed on the ceiling.

She is extreemly tired, and obviously with her condition needs to rest and sleep at night!

She has tried asking them to go away, but still, every night it starts up again. She is home alone during the week, so is more frightened then.

Does anybody know what she can do to stop this?

She does think that some of it could be her imagination as she is so tired, so is slightly sceptical, but at the same time it is all very real to her.

Could the fact that she is pregnant make her more open to the spirits?


Jo x


P.S - I have the video footage of the green orb on my mobile, but don't know how to load it onto my pc....my friend would like someone to look at it. That way she will know if she is really seeing things or going mad!




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Hiya hun...if you send it to my mobile I will do it for you if you like?  the fact that she has caught this on top dismisses the idea of lucid dreaming and such like...i'd love to see it and put it up for you....xxx

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