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My name is Leslie and I'm from the United States (North Carolina). I'm very new to this but my mother and grandmother are not. I am here to learn and grow as a person and would love the chance to meet people who are here to do the same. I don't really know what I am I guess is a good way to put it but I do have dreams, sense things and can sometimes communicate with those who have passed on. We (me and my mother) also play 'games' or try to that hone some of these abilities.. the best one being an empathy game where we guess what the other is thinking.. this has gotten better and better results and if we're on its almost flawless. I would like to develop these abilities and others as well as learn more about our world. I am open to the beliefs and insights of others so please, don't be afraid to chat!


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Hello there...


Lovely to have you with us!  We look forward to reading some of your stories and experiences.....please feel free to start posts and add to them as you can.


On Monday and Thursday nights we have a chat from 8pm....you are very welcome to join us and wil have the chance to talk to Paul and maybe do some work!


Look forward to getting to know you better...


Caz xx

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