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Within the last year I have become aware of the Newage awareness. I can't seem to get enough of it.
I went to a Newage Church that I loved. The Pastor had weekly visualization walkthrough meditations that I enjoyed.
The only problem is that I virtually overdosed on meditation with my elestrial Quartz/Mica crystal. It triggered my first chakra and with me being a spiritual prude it scared me to death... from there things got worse yet I was incouraged by my "church" to continue. I was then told by a member that I had a "attachment" that would have a negitive effect on my life... then things got worse for me and my terror increased.
My husband ended up sending me to a mental hospital.
Its been 5 months now and I have to be medicated to prevent headaches. I cant visualize, fantisize or focas on anything like crystals without a cloud comming over my mind.
I hope that I heal soon and take things slower in my Newage awareness.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thankyou for letting me express myself here because I am limited to who I can talk to.

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Hello there, I am new to this site. I am very interested in the Paranormal. I have been experimenting with some spirit photography, I really enjoy it. Looking forward to being apart of this site.
xox peanut

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