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My name is Brian. I'm not going to say much about why I am here. Some events in my life have triggered curiosity towards the subject of the paranormal. I don't want to lie to any one here and I can't prove that these events were real even to myself so I wont share. I don't know why I am here honestly . Maybe to decide whether or not my experiences are all self inflicted or delusional or if they are real. Maybe I hope to observe something here or to find something out about myself. I really don't know. I'm keeping my experiences to myself for now because I really don't have  a whole lot to tell about them that I can explain...easily. At-least most people don't understand the experiences and there's so many explanations that could disprove these events being paranormal if you cut away the small yet important details that I cant prove to anyone. I'm going to keep to myself because I know personally that what I experienced was real but I cant prove my personal half of the stories and if I shared with anyone who was trying to be scientific they could easily just say that I am delusional.






tell me everything I know nothing

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Hiya Brian,

Welcome aboard to our group, I hope at some point you be able to share your experiences with us. Were all friendly and open minded.


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Hiya Brian, welcome aboard and i will second what paul said that we are all a friendly lot and we are all open minded. I am a great believer in the paranormal and at some point in our lives we have all experienced something that we cant quite explain so please do share your experiences, we will not judge you.

Maybe you can join in the chat room on mondays & thursdays from 8pm, we dont bite  and we do chat about some cool things.

Bye for now


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OK. I'm going to try to explain a few things about me. I don't know where to start though.When i close my eyes tightly if I focus I can see still its usually vague but I can still see things.


No that's not a good start. Hmmm.


I'll start with a  story...One night after my grandpa had died. I went to sleep. I woke up exact-ally at some time, I think it was 3:00 a.m or something. I honestly can't remember, just remember that time. I saw something flying past me and I was very much so awake before and after it. I always see them after I come out of sleep. I feel really relaxed and them I usually see them....Never when I am asleep. Its always after sleep. I used to see them when I was 3 -4.


Anyways, getting back on track I was in bed and something flew past me. It was blue light...kind of like in a mist.


which sort of looked like this above. This is not a real photo I made this to try to resemble an event that I experienced.


Now, I wasn't big on ghosts at all before this. I could care less honestly. I didn't know what I saw but I knew I was awake when I saw it. This was at 3:00 a.m.


The next day I told my mom about what I say and she told me that my aunt Susie had saw at 3:00 a.m. grandpa visit her in his blue suit. I told my mom that I didn't even know that my grandpa had a blue suit...


I told her that something blue had came into my room and that I freaked out and it left me. I could not make any thing out of this blue blob and I had seen no movies or anything that would leave me to even imagine this for one moment.


Then came the funeral I went up to the body of my grandpa I touched it and it was as warm as he was when he was  alive when I used to kiss him. I went to seat back down in my chair and all the sudden I felt some one grab my hand. A firm grab and it felt like my grandpa. I went back up to the body shortly after and it was as cold as ice. I drew him one last skecth when he died so that he would be buried with it. I drew him a drawing of a deer.


I went to his grave and talked to him...I do that often. On one night  I was sleeping I woke up I know I woke up I surely know when I am awake I turned over and I saw a deer standing there. I had  forgotten about the drawing I did for him and this was like a month later. I could see a deer in full detail. It felt nice it felt OK so I didn't freak out at 1st but seconds later I was freaked and it left shortly after that. That's not the 1st detailed thing Ive seen Ive seen something that looks like this about 3 times ....I made this to try to show you how it relay looked.



I went to the cemetery before all of this and I talked to some graves and I talked to one body at a grave asked him to be in a photo. I couldn't hear him of course. Ive never talked back to any of these visions or hallucinations (if they are) before Ive always became frightened and they conventionally usually leave.


Ths picture is dark I am sorry . It is hard to see. But if you find it its realy something its realy clear.

Ive never seen too many ghost pictures of this quality look at the right tombstone I see a ghost boy. My mother told me what I had not known that a boy was in fact buried there.The things I see after coming out of sleep are very different but when seeing them in my earlier days they looked like this.



Except for one time did they not leave when I was freaked out....


Once I was as awake as can be. no doubt about it in my mind same as every time Ive seen these things. I went to the bathroom and I was walking back to my room and before I entered it I was put into some sort of slow motion it felt like. My heart was screaming I mean I cant explain it I was over consumed I'm lost I mean I cant find the way I was. I cant explain it.

I opened the door and  in my TV set I saw something that resembles this .this is another image that I made to try to show you what it looked like.


I could never even dream to come up with something this imaginative. I saw this all those things were moving and such and one seemed to be coming towards me and I didn't doubt that he could come out of that TV...I know it sounds crazy but....*sighs*


The next day I told my sister and some others She looked at me very seriously and rarely does she ever lie and she told me "I heard scary noises outside my room like it was a monster movie I was too afraid to leave it my room"


She described scary noises like I heard but I couldn't even hear them I think I could but I couldn't....I know that doesn't make much sense. I literally fainted from this encounter and woke up to another day.


My room is right across the hall from my sisster's whom claimed to hear horrible sounds from my room. I wasn't watching any movies and it was every-ones bed time .....I know I saw this . I don't know what it is.


Ive seen some more since then but I guess Ive spent enough time on it.

I believe that I could see these more often but as dumb as it sounds if I keep lots of electronics on in my room sometimes most the time they leave me alone. I usually sleep with as many on as possible because of the bad experiences I have had have form my opinion that I should. My  tv is always on and my computer at night. I have seen the one in the gray hood during the day once. He just stood over my bed he never said anything nor did the deer . A few times I have heard a few words from a few visits from other less appreciated things....


Recently a few days ago I was in bed just woke up and I heard voices as clear as day next to me in the room. I was calm at 1st . It felt OK it felt good. It sounded like a girl my age about maybe 15-18 or older. I am 18....I heard it as clear as day and I know I was awake. She said my name but I somehow forgot the rest. I know I heard it but my mind some how allowed me to forget the rest of it. I heard her twice but not anymore since...I have no idea who she could be at all even if I was imagining her. I don't know anyone with that voice and I haven't been thinking of anyone that much to imagine that...I havent been thinking about much of anyone at all.


So Im going a little nuts from some of this and I know that I am not insane because it's not constant.


There's so more but this is a good start.

tell me everything I know nothing

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Hi there confused, I am new to this site and have just read your experience's have you tried placing your experience's on the paranormal forum.

It is now the 10th month so I guess you are fully aware of all the forums.

I'd just like to thank you for having the courage to share your experience and your illustrations are fantastic. As I was reading your experience I felt very proud of you for you have been able to open your mind and allow yourself the respect of knowing all is well in your world.

All the best Tracey


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Hello confused...and welcome to the forums.


It seems you have a real flare for making photoshop pictures....!


I hope you enjoy the forums...



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