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Many years ago I was very much into Wicca and did a ritual to summon the guardians to watch over the house while my parents were away. Me and my cousin forgot about it and my parents got home early. We slept with the door closed but my mom saw shadow figures circling in front of it, she has a perfect view on it from her bedroom. She asked about it without even knowing anything about those things. 

Now, I think my actions that day opened some kind of doorway for all kinds of trouble. There were nights where I felt watched and extremely uncomfortable and the morning after my mom always had an 'encounter' to tell me about. It went on for years with now and then a little pause. It started out with peaceful ghost sightings in her room, to black shadows hovering over her bed, knocking, deep manly laughs out of nowhere and a foot laying between her and my dad. It started getting creepy and scary so we asked them nicely but firm to stop, multiple times and burnt sage in corners. It...just...stopped.

We're about a few years later and for no reason at all, it's starting again. Last week she woke up with hands pounding on her chest. And the nights that followed she noticed a few other small things. We gave each other 'the look' without wanting to say it out loud 'not again'. My wiccan days are long gone and my dad doesn't even believe us, wearing ear plugs every night and being a deep sleeper..he obviously can't have anything to do with it. 

We don't know the cause of why this is happening again. Is there anyone who has any information on this? Has a solution or similar problems? We need to find a way to stop this before it gets out of hand again. 
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