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Hello, I am new to this site! We have been having some paranormal activity in my home -- not sure how many but it feels like there are 3, a man, a woman and a young child I believe a boy around 4 or 5. Not sure can not confirm but I have smelled perfume in a room when I am not wearing any, heard a child talking to me (it was not my 8 year old son, he was way in the back room when I heard the child talk to me. I could not understand what it said to me), had a man whisper in my ear twice. Those are just some of what is happening here, has been happening here since April '07 and we have lived here since November '04. Its a new home, we are the only owners. I've been told it could be the land. Not sure.


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Hiya hun...welcome to the froums!

Has anything physical happened or is it just things you have heard?

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