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For all Co-creators of Space of Love:
Space of Love Magazine Issue # 2 has been announced.
- "Reload" your Reality NOW! - Co-creating the global concept of literal Space of Love.
- Two new, international "Anastasia-inspired" organizations in the making, see our reports about them and eco-village developments
- Do children really need school? - Questioning the idea of traditional Education.
-  A celebrated Russian professor speaks out about his Kin's School and what it means to be a "Kinsman".
- What's that about the secrets of Sungazing? 
- Oh, no! Unheard notions about SEX??
- Creating a paradise-like food-garden in salinity-stressed drought-conditions in the desert in four months? -Unbelievable!
- Find out what really created the melting of the Greenland ice-walls, as told by a local Shaman.
- Moving like an Animal - discover joyful authentic movement. The secret seed movement of Hsin-Tao.
- Continue finding the Lost Tribe - We are crossing over into the area off limits to strangers. Come along...
- Arkaim - Find out more about this ancestral culture daily life and spiritual significance. 
- And more...and more...and more in upcoming Issue # 2 of Space of Love Magazine!!!

We all are co-creators of Space of Love and our planet is the place where we learn and contribute from our heart! http://www.spaceoflove.com
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