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Hi everyone,

I lived at my last house from 2001 until 2007. During that time, as has been the norm for most of my existance, I experienced some strange things.

The strangest things were colourful 'spirits'...I have inverted the last because I don't know what they were.

One would appear at night on the wall opposite where my head would be facing, a lovely red colour, almost like a little sun with the most pleasant and friendly face at its centre. I always felt completely safe when I saw it and it would stay there quite a while...well at least four or five seconds and I could get a good look at it. It would smile and melt back into the wall.

The other one was not so nice. I would describe it as just a rough 'human head shape' no discernible features, but a bit like the 'snow storm' effect on a tv. I wasn't terrified of it, just not so comfortable with it. It would appear always in the same place, on the opposite side of the room and I would see it disapear within a second. I got the impression it had more of a purpose about it. Funny, but I cannot explain, just gut feelings. One day it made me jump as it turned to look towards me quite sharply.

Has anyone got a clue what these might have been? Has anyone else had similar?

I have never taken drugs and I don't drink!!!


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