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I also saw Spirit was when I was 17 and baby-sitting for my little cousins. They lived in a big Victorian house but I did not feel anything or remember that the place had a presence. We had been to the park and had a lovely day. Later that day in the evening when my aunt and uncle returned, I had fallen asleep. Something woke me up and I could see two young children who looked a bit like my cousins. The door was a frosted sheet of glass but it did not occur to me that I could not see through it clearly. However I did see these children very clearly but when I opened the door they had disappeared. I felt that they were laughing at me and a bit curious. I went upstairs to check on the children but they were all asleep. In the time I spent in the front room I felt as though I was being watched. I have always called those two young Spirit children my angels. After my granny found out I had been baby-sitting, she said she used to see Spirit float by in that room.


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hi lindann shazel here weve not spoke beforei too have had recently acouple of visits from children well thats not entirely true i was there but it was at my sons flat   any way here we go 2 wks ago i was visiting son and his wife sitting chopsing drinking tea discussing a spell i was putting together 4 a friend when we heard movement in the next room storm there 1 yr old daughter was with us so it wasent her .so we went to look too our total surprise every cupboard door and drawer was open we then searched the flat to find the same in every room very chilling   i have had many yrs living with a polterghiest but some how this gave me the creeps this happend a few times .anyway couple days after first visit they recieved a letter telling them they had been given a council house they were delighted has they had been waiting for 3 yrs .any way i was helping them pack things in there bedroom on there last nite there it was about 9pm door closed so storm couldent get into mischief when we heard sounds coming from out side the door .we heard little feet running down the long hallway towards the room we were in we listend has it got closer when it reached the door which was still closed it went very quiet for a minute or two with all my exsperience i knew if we opened the door that would be it .next we heard a little boys voice saying muuuuum mum he was very distraught he was lost and looking for his mummy then nothing all quiet we sat with tears running down our faces after we opened the door and checked the flat to find again all the doors and cupboards were open .i now no why i was upset i knew deep down after the first exsperience there i knew it was a child .i still can hear his tiny voice and has ive been telling you this i have shed a few tears .but i will try to get to the bottom  of this  and find him peace god bless him  be well shazel xxx

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I had the experience of hearing a sweet little voice calling me mommy.  It called to me from my basement into my laundry room.   A few days later I came out of the laundry and stopped dead in my tracks.   I saw a full body apparition of a little boy.  He looked to be Native American.   The whole area where I live was Indian Territory in the 1800's.


I didn't have a chance to ask him anything.  I acknowledged that I saw him and he disappeared, this happened last year some time.   I haven't seen or heard from him since.  Maybe he just wanted me to acknowledge him ?


It figures it'd be a little boy.  I'm the only female in a house of 5 males.

Even the dogs are male.   I guess I'm just destined to be the mother of boys, even spirit boys. 


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see........now that would really freak me out!?  children calling my name.........like something out of a horror movie!!! lol


my little girl has had an imaginary friend for many years now (in fact paul told me about her when we first met and he didn't even know i had kiddies then) anyway....we have all seen at some point what we thought has been my little girl only to find out she is upstairs or realise she is playing outside....very weird....


caz x


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Don't freak out, embrace them with all your heart........... There is usually a message behind whatever experience you are having.....

My own experience had spirits helping me to be a better person so I could then help my family and friends and later people who don't know by way of compassion and understanding.......

Spirits constantly re-assure me "Always look on the brightside" "Don't worry be Happy" "Stand tall Be Proud" "Keep smiling" "Be positive and you will always get the right message" - My life has completely changed 360 degrees with the help of "spirit"............

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When I first arrived at the house where I live now, we hada little Boy calling out for his Mom.
It about broke my Heart.
I told him to come back to visit, but that he had best behave himself.
So far, so good.
Every once and again, I will hear this mischievious little Soul, but never is he ever harmful.
In fact, all seems to be at peace here, except for the two special occassions that are making things ramp up again.

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