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Hello Everybody. My Baby brother thomas "baba monster" Died In march He was only 3 mnths old to the day. He was sick from before he was born And never had one single test done. He was on waiting lists for test on his kidneys and a few others. he was at his consultant on the 1st of march of march and he said he was to get them in 2 months but he died on the 22nd unexpectedly During the Night we called the ambulance But they took nearly an hour to come he was not dead when the ambulance came even though they tried to say it was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I was very close to him as he was my only brother and i was with my mam through her whole pregnancy, birth, And the 3 mnths he was alive. he was almost as my own. it was like losing my own child as we were the ones who raised him for 3 months.
So we have Started up a campaign to get better healthcare for woman and infants in Ireland & UK. We have an Album with professional acts on it. coming out in about a month and half. But Here is the video of First Single off it.
Please Support us and watch it go to youtube and search the seriously campaign as this site wont let me post links. WARNING: This Video contains a scene which some may find distressing.

Here is the Story From My Mother Herself:

This is his mothers story:
When i was 35 wks preg they discovered he had growth retardation after
several visits to clinic they f***** around about whether to induce or
not or whether to do a c section. In the end they let me go 12 days
over as they were so busy. I was booked for induction on mon and went
in for pre check up night before. Vaginally examined and told defo no
poss of going naturally, went home and booked for induction at 7 am. I
went into labor at 4am, brought into hosp, no delivery suite
available. I was left in an antenatal ward for 16 hrs and the foetal
heart rate only monitored twice in that time, no pain relief.
Eventually at 7pm a delivery suite was available and was brought down.
When i was fully dilated commenced pushing head got stuck, after 40
mins midwife bleeped a doc but he came b4 doc arrived so she cancelled
him, he was born purple with the cord around his neck but his agpar
score was 9 at 5 mins so she never called doc. I told them i wanted to
exclusively breastfeed but during the nite he was given a bottle, he
was a slow feeder so nxt day was told that he would be better bottle
fed. Later it occured to me that i could express and asked for
breastpump, had none for 2 days with result i had to combination feed
as not enough milk. He did not pass urine for 3 days and again they
f***** around whether theyd do a kidney scan til eventually on fri ev
at 7 pm they deciedd cos he had passed a small amount theyd let him
home and give us an out patient app. that never came.

It was freezing cold -12 degrees and i was not pleased about being
released so late esp as my partners mother was on her deathbed in
another hosp 2 hrs away and he had gone to her and the hse would be
freezing. They put us out i had my holdall plus baby in car seat, no
assistance given a visitor carried my bag to the front door where i
got a taxi. On the way home the taxi crashed and while we were waiting
for the ambulance another car impacted us. I couldnt wake thomas up
and was screaming. When we arrived back in er we were left a further
15 mins before being een, this was now an hour later and thomas had
come round, he was examined quickly and released at 12 am that same
night to the same freezing hse on the same freezing roads.

Thomas continuously threw up after every bottle feed. I had him at
baby clinic every week and at gps several times, he saw a consultant
at the same hosp who said he had GERD maybe pyloric stenosis but tha
he would commence treatment first b4 testing. He was put on carobel to
thicken his feeds and ranithidine to settle his stomach, it didnt
work. 12 days later the consulantant wrote to my gp saying he may have
severe allergies and was to be put on neocate. Gp never contacted me.
Now 4 days after gp got letter i brough thomas to him showing
respitory difficulty, he was in and out in less than a minute, the
lady in b4 us was still putting her coat one. Doc said he had a cold,
never examined him or checked his notes to see that his formula was to
be changed. Never found this out til 2 weeks after he died. Anyway
that was to be his last gp visit he died 5 days later. On anoter
occacion he was at the baby clinic and the nurse commented that he had
a cute milky mouth, the next day he was very sick, brought him to on
call doc who diagnosed him with oral thrush.
I was also concerned tat he had diabetes although rare at that age
everyone on his dads side has it, not a single blood test was ever

He wa born 6lb 3ozs and he wad only 9lbs when he died aged 3 mths!!!!!

I found him in a coma at 5am rang for ambulance it took 40 mins to
arrive. During that timne my neighbour who works in a creche was doing
cpr. He had a heartbeat in the ambulance and they even inserted iv
lines but at the hosp they said he was braindead and terminated life
support at 6 25 am.

I asked the doc who pronounced him dead could it have been a diabetic
coma and acute renal failure he said if he were a diabetic wed have
known earlier -- how?


This is the video for the first single from the "Seriously?" album being released to fund the "Seriously? Campaign" my mother has started up to try and get better healthcare for Mothers & Infants in Ireland & UK. Please go to youtube and search the seriously campaign as this site wont alow me to post links.

WARNING: Video may contain a scene which some my find distressing.
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