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I had a psychic exercise the other night at a class where we used photo. I stunned myself and got about 75% correct of the person in the photo. I hadnt tried this before. I was seeing the written words that I then wrote down and I had to write really quick because it came really quick lol and I was frighten I was going to miss it. I also got pictures like daydreams that told me as well what to write down.


What I want to know is with the words that I saw, I dont know what this was. Was I seeing, hearing or getting thoughts. It seems a bit strange that I would get a mixture of pictures of objects and then see a word as it is written. Is it clairaudiency or clairvoyancy.


Can you help me on this please paul and do you see the written word like this sometimes?




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Hiya hun...I was always under the impression that clairaudiency is hearing...just that.....I may be completely wrong though lol


I'm sure Paul will put us right when he gets chance


Caz xx


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Clairaudience is the ability to hear

A clairvoyant tuning into clairaudience will actually hear spoken messages that are often channelled though their spirit guides.

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